Capitalize on the Retail Revolution

Contractor Coaching Introduction

Contractor coaching is designed to help business owners improve top and bottom line performance.  One aspect of this coaching targets the in-home sales process.  However, the experience economy demands that a business owner think in broader terms regarding effective strategy, team building, and culture.  Effectively communicating a business’ total value creates overwhelming differentiation and directly correlates to improved profitability.

In-Home Sales: The Race for Relationships

Retail sales has undergone radical changes in the last decade.  Yet the majority of salespeople have not significantly revised their tactics in order to be aligned with a new set of consumer expectations.  Worse yet, many salespeople cling to outmoded sales tactics that are detrimental to their performance, profitability, and reputation.  Arrow & Fletching sales training is about one thing: helping business owners and salespeople apply a contemporary sales structure in order to improve their ticket price, close ratio, and referrals.

The coaching is based on current research and exciting insights in to the changes that have occurred among consumers.  Today’s consumer has an entirely new set of expectations regarding retail salespeople and organizations.  They have been conditioned to expect world-class experiences and are willing to pay for them.  They actively utilize a variety of networks.  They value transparency and culture.  Salespeople will learn how to respond to these changes by aligning their sales structure with these developments.  The class shows attendees how to improve trust, relevance, and value in a way that creates lasting differentiation.  Finally, attendees will learn how to resolve common concerns among homeowners.

“Best thing I can say is this: BEST SALES TRAINING ever attended or particpated in, in over 25 years in industry. His short description of “big ideas for small biz” is right on target. GREAT outside-of-the-box ideas and challenges you to think deeply on your beliefs and assumptions. I cannot say enough good things about Matt over the half-dozen interactions in the last 3 years. Superlative work. HIRE HIM!”

The AUX: Absolute User Experience

For years service companies defined their brand in simple terms: “Family owned and operated.” “30 years in business.”  “Drug tested and background checked employees.”  Unfortunately these talking points have become out dated and ineffective.  Like so many aspects of business, they have reached a level of parity.  This coaching is about defining the communicating a company’s culture in order to create scarcity and differentiation.

The first facet of this seminar focuses on the experience economy.  Companies that provide world-class experiences are significantly more profitable, retain customers, and have loyal employees who love what they do.  Furthermore, experience-driven companies have a significantly easier time differentiating themselves from the competition.  Attendees will learn how to accomplish these objectives.

A company’s brand is its best asset.  Great brands turn the ordinary in to the extraordinary.  As common sense as that sounds, building an exciting, desirable brand is difficult.  This coaching  takes the guesswork out of this process while helping business owners create first-class brand message that gives them an edge in their markets.

This coaching program takes business owners through a series of experience and brand development exercises that focus their company’s total value proposition.  Attendees will learn how to develop and communicate value and scarcity against their competitors.  Utilizing a specialized six-step process owners will learn how to inspire and galvanize their team in order to communicate a unified cultural message.  Finally, owners will learn how to utilize modern marketing tactics to differentiate their brand position against the competition.

After this coaching, “Why Us” will never be in question.